We want to share an excerpt of an email that we received from one of our clients:

I regret to advise you that I lost Midnight today. He was almost 12 years of age. Midnight loved your kennel and really appreciated the way in which you looked after him. He especially enjoyed playing with the other dogs. As you know, he came home in better shape than at the beginning of his stay.

I was very impressed with the layout and the cleanliness. As you know, Midnight ended up staying at your kennel many times.

I would like to thank you for the attention you gave him. I have enclosed a jpeg photo as an attachment. In the background are some wild Trumpeter Swans. Because I raised geese and ducks for show purposes, he was very used to large birds. As you can see, they got along very well.

Dr J. Darragh M. Elliott


Hi John, 
I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Ben.
He's a changed dog! He no longer gets into an uncontrollable barking/pulling at the leash frenzy when he sees another dog on the street. Sometimes he'll bark a couple of times; sometimes not at all.  We approached one neighbour's dog he had met before (a German shepherd mix), and he did not bark once and was actually friendly!  He used to bark at very small children too (did he think they were funny looking dogs?) and scare them, and he doesn't do that anymore either. He's so much more enjoyable to walk now!
In general, he is much calmer both in and out of the apartment. He rarely barks when I arrive home. He's happy to see me, but not ridiculously, over-the-top excited like before.  Yet his happy, always ready-to-play personality has not changed.
All in all, he's a much better dog than a month ago. I'm grateful for all your efforts to help him be more social.
Thanks again,

Lori, DDO, Quebec L M's profile photo

Whitby is one tired JRT!! A tired Jack Russell is a good Jack Russell. ;-)
It was nice to see him jogging down the trail when I arrived. He was relaxed and happy, and in no hurry to leave!
I would love to have the pictures you took of him. Especially the one of him lounging on the couch!
Thanks again for making him feel at home. I couldn't have asked for more!

Angele, Montreal, Quebec 

We chose Belleview Pet Resort because of its close location to Montreal and the fact that it was just off the 401 highway. We also liked the fact that the family has been in the business of taking care of animals for many years. 

We were greeted upon arrival to a SPOTLESSLY clean facility, a friendly greeting by both John and his very sweet dog who charmed not only us but our so unsocial boxer, Maggie! 

After a great chat with John I knew our two dogs would be in excellent hands. The dogs stayed at the kennel for the weekend, and when we picked them up on Sunday they were happy, and well exercised.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Belleview to anyone who wants wonderful, worry free boarding care for their pets. I certainly will be using this facility in the future. 

Dian Emery, Toronto

Pico and Mina at play 

We initially contacted the Belleview Pet Resort because it was conveniently located on the way to the Montreal airport and the hours were flexible.  John gave us a tour of the kennel and we were impressed with the layout and cleanliness of it.  We returned two weeks later to find our two dogs healthy and happy, and wanting to stay and play some more!  We knew then that we had found the right place for our furry family members.
Alan & Dom Dickie
Aylmer, Quebec


 Thanks so much John and family for taking such wonderful care of Gypsy. It is so comforting to know that when I go away, she will have the best of care in a beautiful, spacious and cheerful environment. She is an energetic and happy German Shepherd who is used to lots of love and individual attention.  She certainly gets all of that in her home-away-from-home at Belleview Pet Resort.

Susan Kersley, Williamstown, ON 

We want to thank you for taking such good care of our 2 'boys', Caber and Logan! When we sold our house and had to rent a house for a few weeks, we were very upset when our temporary landlord would not allow our dogs. Fortunately, your pet resort came to the rescue! Our dogs were guests of yours for 3 weeks and we knew they were in excellent hands. The friendly and clean atmosphere was a huge relief for us.  When we stopped in for visits, we were met with 2 happy and content dogs. We even had to get you to help nurse Caber's sore ears with medication. We will definitely be calling you again in the near future! We were also very impressed with you, John when you stopped in a few times at our new home to visit Caber and Logan, they were so happy to see you! Thanks once again, and see you soon!
Moira & Lyle Ross 
Bainsville, Ontario

I wanted to follow up with you regarding our recent wonderful experience with Belleview Pet Resort and our dealings with yourself.  We visited your premise in March prior to booking our 2 cats, Lucy and Spooky, to stay with you.  We are quite particular about the conditions of any pet boarding facility.  We expect a clean and bright environment for their stay, with owners demonstrating care and attention similar to the affection that we share with our pets.  We found exactly that with you and were so impressed that we booked our cats in immediately for our vacation time. 

Upon our return, we found that Lucy and Spooky had settled in well and were very content with your accommodations.

We wish you continued success and will be using your services in the future, and recommending Belleview Pet Resort!


The Kerrs, Cornwall, ON

My husband I were quite pleased to have our pets, Maggie and Rico, stay at Belleview Pet Resort.  We would recommend this facility to anyone who is concerned about getting the best of boarding care for their pets.


Waneta Turner, Lancaster Heights, ON

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank you very much for taking the time to give us a tour and taking the time to talk with us. It was good seeing you with your dog and 2 cats and heart warming how you took one in as a stray. We really feel comfortable leaving our cat with you this Summer. Your cattery is spotless and has a warm atmosphere.  I was glad to hear that you will allow her to roam around out of her suite each day.

 I sincerely wish you all the best and hope your business really takes off!


Anne and Mike

Cornwall, Ontario