Your Dog(s):

At Belleview pet resort we believe your dog deserves to be treated well and be active while staying with us. As part of the pet boarding service we will provide your pet with either a social play time in fenced in area or a walk through our beautiful natural wooded area. When you bring your pet for a vacation with us you may choose the service you would prefer.


Social Play Time:

The dogs enjoy their social time with other like-minded dogs and will always be supervised by us while playing in a group. While playing in our enclosed outdoor fenced area, your pet will play with balls and frisbees to keep your pet active and ensure he/she has lots of fun! Social time will be provided twice per day.


Your dog will be provided a relaxing, quiet twenty minute long walk on our wooded trails. Your pet will be walked with a full leash to ensure he/she is safe. Our property is located on 4 acres of both open green areas and a wooded forest, a beautiful setting for your cherished pet.


Upon request and at an additional charge we will provide your dog with a bath and shampooing in our modern and spacious grooming area.


If your pet requires medication we will provide him or her the medication you provide to us at no additional charge.

Emergency Services:When you arrive to board your pet we will ask for important information regarding your veterinarian and other health related issues regarding your pet. 

  • If in the event your pet becomes not well while staying with us, we will do our best to contact the emergency contact person you provide to us and contact your veterinarian for assistance. The cost of the veterinarian services will be paid by the pet guest owner. We may be required to take your pet to our neighbouring veterinarian.