Dog Suites


Belleview Pet Resort is a newly constructed pet boarding facility which caters to your pets needs while they are away from you. 

We offer beautiful 4' x 4' cermic tiled suites with in floor heating to provide your pet with a warm surface to rest 

  • Most units have his/her own outside door to an outdoor 4' x 10' porched in patio to enjoy fresh air and to provide an area to exercise.

Daily Routine:

Every morning each suite is power washed, sanitized and deodorized to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your pet.  

  • Throughout the day the suite is checked to ensure cleanliness 
  • Just like at home the pet dishes are cleaned daily
  • Pets are provided their own food  and own clean fresh water throughout the day.


Please bring your own pet food to ensure your pet is happy and content as he/she will appreciate continuing with the same regular diet.  Being on the same regular diet while away from his/her home, adds less stress to your pet and your pet will be happier eating and enjoying a diet he/she is familiar with from his/her own home.   Please bring  the pet food in a plastic container and labelled with your pets name on the container.  You may bring some treats for your pet as well.


We will provide fresh daily bedding for your pet.  The bedding is washed daily in our washer/dryer located in the laundry area of the pet resort.  

  •  Since your pet may be familiar with his/her own bedding, you are welcome to  bring your own bedding. If you bring your own bedding please do not provide anything too bulky.  We welcome  blankets, towels or anything that is easily able to be washed daily in our washer/dryer.